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  Félix Peña

Félix Peña Murray is a specialist in international economic relations, international commercial law and economic integration.

Born in Rosario, Argentina (father, Félix Alberto Peña and mother, María Elena Murray de Peña), on June 26, 1938, he is married with Clara Braun Cantilo and has five children (Ignacio, Tomás, Julián, Andrés y Marcos).

He attended Primary School (Colegio Mariano Moreno) and Secondary School (Colegio Nacional Nº 2), both in Rosario. Between 1955 and 1962 he held a position as scribe at the Labor Chamber of the City of Rosario. Between February 1959 and March 1960 he completed the mandatory military service at the 11th Infantry Regiment in Rosario.

He earned his Law degree from Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe (1956-1962); his Law Doctorate from the University of Madrid (1962-1965) and his Master in European Law from the Catholic University of Louvain (Leuven), Belgium (1963-1965), where he also studied Economy (1964).

His doctorate course at University of Madrid was completed with Professor Mariano Aguilar Navarro. His doctoral thesis on "Sanctions in the Inter American System -an Analysis of the Sanctions to Cuba within OAS" (in Spanish) was completed under the direction of Professor Don Antonio Truyol y Serra, and Professor Julio González Campos. The Examination Committee was chaired by Professor Joaquín Ruiz Jiménez. The thesis was graded as "outstanding". This work is not published. It is included on

At the Catholic University of Louvain (Leuven), his thesis on "The Participation of the Parliamentary Assembly in the Conclusion of Association Agreements " (in French) was directed by Professor Sylvio Marcus-Helmons, under the supervision of Professor Etienne Cerexhe. It was presented by Professor Pierre Wigny. This work is not published. A Spanish translation is included on

He is currently Director of the Institute for International Trade at ICBC Foundation (; Professor of International Commercial Relations, Director of the Master in International Commercial Relations and Director of the Jean Monnet Module and of the Interdisciplinary Center for International Studies at the National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) (; Founding Counselor and member of the Executive Committee of the Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI), (; President of the Academic Council of Export-Ar Foundation; Member of the Group of Experts of the Mercosur Chaire of Sciences-Po Paris (; Member of the Evian Group Brains Trust ( and Academic Consultant to the Mercosur Network for Economic Research (

He forms part of the list of Argentine arbitrators of the mechanism for the settlement of disputes of the Mercosur- Olivos Protocol. He has also formed part of the group of arbitrators of the ICSID and the WTO.

He held the position of Undersecretary of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Economy of Argentina and was appointed full member of the Common Market Group of Mercosur (1998-99). He acted as external consultant for Moltedo Law Firm (2000-2002) and formed part of the group of experts who prepared the project of the Protocol for the Mercosur Parliament (2005).

Previously, he had been Executive Director of the Europe-Argentina Club (1992-98); formed part of the Law Firm of Dr. Hector Alegría (1994-98); was Director of the Andina Foundation and member of the Board of Gobierno y Sociedad Foundation. He was also Undersecretary of Economic Integration of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, as such, National Coordinator of the Common Market Group of the Mercosur (1991-1992). He also held the positions of President of the Inter-Governmental Committee of the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway (1991-92); Integration Manager of the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) (1984-1990) and advisor to the IDB President on integration issues (1990-91). He was Undersecretary of International Economic Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina (1982-83); ad-hoc legal advisor of the General Secretary of the LAFTA during the period of negotiation and implementation of the Montevideo Treaty of 1980, which created the LAIA (1980-1981); Academic Secretary at the CARI (1978-1982); Director of the Institute for the Integration of Latin America INTAL-IDB (1975-77) and Head of the Legal Studies Area at the INTAL (1966-75). In this last role he contributed with the legal advice for the Board of the Cartagena Agreement in the development of decisions on foreign investments, intellectual property and multinational Andean companies, as well as with the technical work prior to the preparation of the project of the Andean Court of Justice. He also participated in the legal-institutional counseling of SELA (Latin American and Caribbean Economic System), CARICOM (Caribbean Community) and SIECA (Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration).

He is a lecturer and frequently participates in diverse academic and business events, both in Argentina and abroad. He is the author of many publications (articles published in books and specialized journals) in the field of economic integration, commercial international law and international economic relations, among which stands out the book he co-wrote with Professor Celso Lafer -with a foreword by Helio Jaguaribe- entitled "Argentina and Brazil in the System of International Relations", published in Buenos Aires (in Spanish) and Sao Paulo (in Portuguese) in 1973. More recently he has published the book "Moments and Perspectives: Argentina in Latin America and the World" (in Spanish) Eduntref 2003, with a foreword by Ambassador Carlos Manuel Muñiz. Occasionally he writes in newspapers such as La Nación (in the Foreign Trade Section); El Cronista; Valor Económico and Gazeta Mercantil, also in AmericaEconomía. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the periodicals Archivos del Presente and Revista de Comercio Exterior, FUNCEX, Río de Janeiro. Among his most recent publications we can mention "Overview of New Trends in Dispute Settlement Mechanisms under Preferential Trade Agreements", in "Inter-Governmental Trade Dispute Settlement: Multilateral and Regional Approaches", Cameron May, London 2004 (all his articles and papers are included in

He is currently doing research work on the subject "Methods of Consensual Agreement between Sovereign Nations". He plans to finish it and publish a book shortly.

Mr. Peña has been a consultant to many international organizations (IADB, ICSID-World Bank, LAIA, Andean Community, CARICOM, Central American Common Market, UNCTAD, Latin American Economic System, UNDP, UNIDO, IRELA-Latin American Centre for European Relations, and Ibero American General Secretariat), and has collaborated with business institutions in subjects of his expertise (UIA-Argentine Industrial Union, IDEA, Argentine Construction Union and Argentine Construction Chamber). In 2003, by request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he collaborated as an expert with President Fernando Henrique Cardoso in a report on the work methods of the Ibero-American Summits. In 2004, he was a consultant to the IADB in the evaluation of a project in cooperation with the Industry and Trade Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy and Production.

He has been a Professor and Lecturer in several universities of Argentina (Universidad del Salvador; Universidad de Belgrano; Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales; Universidad de Buenos Aires - Maestría de Mercosur) and Brazill (Universidad de Sao Paulo; Universidad Luterana del Brasil; Universidad de Brasilia). He was a visiting researcher at the Institute for International Relations of the University of California at Berkeley (January-March1973), under the direction of Professor Ernst Hass. He formed part of the Group for International Law Studies of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (1970-1974). Currently he forms part of the group of experts of the Mercosur Sciences Chaire-Po Paris and of the Evian Group Brains Trust. During the period 2002-2004 he was a visiting lecturer at the Mercosur Sciences Chaire-Po Paris and at the Course in Sciences-Po Paris in Poitiers, France. During the same period he lectured at the Master of International Trade Negotiations -lato sensu- at the University of Brasilia.

Aside from Spanish, Mr. Peña is fluent in French and English and reads and understands Portuguese and Italian.

He has been decorated by the governments of Brazil, Chile, France, Bolivia and the late Yugoslavia.

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